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Mister Machine

The best equipment with a service you can trust. 

With an history of more than 20 years in the equipment rental business, Mister Machine - part of Abu Amer Group - has grown from a small rental business located in Manama, Bahrain to an international Brand currently expanding to different countries.

 As market leaders in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Mister Machine provides a wide range of equipment and a dedicated customer service, with the additional convenience of nation-wide coverage and the best available market rates.

Our philosophy is simple: to provide service and satisfaction to our customers. We are open seven (7) days per week and 24 hours per day. Our team of dedicated professionals are always ready to answer any questions you may have. With our 20 years of experience we're are going to have an answer or just some friendly advice for your next project.

Customer service and satisfaction is our goal and we provide the assistance you'll need to make sure that you have the right equipment to do the right job. 


Success story of our Mister Machine® & iHire Software® Brand Names 
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 We started business in Bahrain on 12th November, 1991 on the name of Abu Amer Equipment hiring Establishment at a small shop in a village called “Buri”. We started business with 2 staff with a start-up budget of about BD20,000 hiring power tools and small equipment.

 We opened our second branch in Manama on 8th January, 1994, and our third branch in Muharraq in 2nd May, 1998.

We implemented many business concepts which were visionery in the area at that time and which helped us become the most renouned equipment hiring company in Bahrain. We earned the trust and confidence of our staff, vendors, customers.

We realised the importance of a good computer software to manage our rental business since I opend our second branch in 1994, but could not find a suitable software for an equipment hiring business, so I started doing my own simple software programs using Dbase 3 then Dbase 4.

We hired a local software develpoment company in 2002. They were already having an accounts module, and we agreed with them to to do an equipment hiring module and link our 3 branches at the time but after 1 year they gave up saying “we did not realize equipment hiring is such a very complicated business”.

We realised, that unless we have a proper equipment hiring management software, we could not continue to grow as we were having so many problems in managing the business.

We inlisted the help of Dr. Mansoor Al Aali in 2004 who has already helped in the development of many ERP solutions for various businesses, and with the help of 3 additional developers, we started our own independet I.T. department.

The first release of our own software, the Equipment Hiring Module was ready for testing in 2005.

Today our ERP, The iHire Software ® with 7 different modules capable of supporting multiple businesses, multiple branches, multiple types of equipment, multiple types of users and with multiple user rights.

We were able to make a big leap forward in our business operations with the help of the iHire Software ®. The system gives the management up to date information and control of all equipment, staff, vendors, customers, fuel, spare parts, etc.

The iHire software system is a time tested rental management software which has never encountered a crash since it became live on 2005.

In 2012 we registered the Mister Machine ® and iHire Software ® brands.

Today Mister Machine ® is operating from 6 locations in Bahrain with 88 different equipment divisions hiring most types of equipment and is looking for international business partners to establish the Mister Machine ® brand across the world.

Awal Equipment Hire - QUALITY EQUIPMENT HIRE: Hiring the best performance, most reliable Equipment, All our Equipment are the latest models. - DRIVERS: Highly Experienced / Motivated Drivers. - SELECTION: The Biggest Equipment hirer in Bahrain. - COMPETITIVE HIRE RATES: The Best Quality and Hire Rates in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.      

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