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Mister Machine

Our experienced and successful management team is committed to provide our staff the best possible work environment. Mister Machine stands for quality not only in the service we provide to our customers but also in our committment towards our employees and their families.

Our people come from all over the world, with a broad diversity of professional skills - all bound by a shared passion for problem solving and a drive to provide a great service.

With several branches in the Kingdom of Bahrain we are a regional organization, currently expanding to other countries. We speak several languages and represent over 10 nationalities.

We have over 9 equipment divisions but operate as one firm, bringing the best and most dedicated professionals to provide our customers with a state-of-the-art service.

Awal Equipment Hire - QUALITY EQUIPMENT HIRE: Hiring the best performance, most reliable Equipment, All our Equipment are the latest models. - DRIVERS: Highly Experienced / Motivated Drivers. - SELECTION: The Biggest Equipment hirer in Bahrain. - COMPETITIVE HIRE RATES: The Best Quality and Hire Rates in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.      
إتصـل الآن أو قـم بزيارة أحـد فـروعنا لإجـراء تقـييـم مجـاني لجميع احـتياجاتكم من تأجـير المعـدات


هاتف : 17708160


فاكس : 17700086

مبنى : 541, شارع : 3417

مجمع : 634, المعامير


هاتف : 17240166

فاكس : 17240155

محل : 313, شارع : 336



هاتف : 17345020

فاكس : 17346020

محل : 1157, شارع : 1021,

مجمع : 210, المحرق

رأس زويد

هاتف : 17705070


فاكس : 17705030

مبنى:49, طرىق : 52

رأس زويد